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Get to Know Your Caregiving App

Everything you need to know to set up and use the CareEasy app for caregivers

It takes a village to care for an elderly loved one. The CareEasy caregiver app lets you create and coordinate that village — all from your smartphone. Not sure where to start? No worries: read on to learn more about using CareEasy to make caring better, easier and smarter for your village.

If you’re caring for an elderly parent, you know firsthand just how complicated and multi-faceted that care can be: from coordinating meals and doctor’s appointments, to figuring out who’s picking up (and paying for!) Mom’s prescriptions, driving Dad to physiotherapy, or arranging for a contractor to make safety adaptations like installing a grip-bar in the shower or lever handles on all the doors. You need a team to juggle it all — and you need an easy way to coordinate and communicate among team members. That’s where CareEasy can help.

Circles of Care

Image of Circles of Care feature within CareEasy app

Effective communication may just be the most important element in coordinating your loved one’s care. CareEasy has created Circles of Care to make sure that everyone involved in caring can easily keep in touch with each other — creating a supportive network with your loved one at the centre.

What is your Circle of Care? 

Your Circle of Care is exactly what it sounds like: the group of people involved in helping to care for your aging loved one. 

Who can be in your circle?

Your Circle of Care might consist of:

  • Family: You and your siblings, as well as your spouses or partners — and even your children if they’re old enough to help out. Cousins, aunts and uncles may also be able to pitch in.
  • Friends and neighbours are often willing to help out, especially with errands and practical tasks, like mowing the lawn, bringing over an occasional meal, or spending a couple of hours with your mom or dad while you take a break. If your mom is part of a faith community, members of their church, synagogue, or mosque may be happy to help out.
  • Professional caregivers, like in-home nursing and healthcare aides
  • Community services like Meals on Wheels or adult day-care or Alzheimer’s programs for seniors with dementia
  • Other professionals like house cleaners, dog-walkers or landscaping companies
  • Members of your loved one’s healthcare team: doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other therapists. Make sure that everyone on the team knows who these people are and how to contact them.

How to create a Circle of Care

Once you’ve downloaded the CareEasy caregiver app:

  • Go to your Profile and click “Create New” under your “Circle of Care” section
  • You can name your circle (for example, “Mom’s Caregivers” or “Rizzo Family Circle of Care”)

How to invite family and friends

Once you’ve created and named your Circle of Care, click “Invite To Your Circle.” The app allows you to add members directly from your Contacts, via their mobile phone numbers or by email. Once you’ve invited a member to join your circle, CareEasy will send them an invitation to join, and the caregiver app will alert you when they do. 

How to remove anyone from the circle

Go to your Profile page. There, you’ll see a list of all invitees and members. 

  • If you want to take back an invitation, just tap “Cancel.”
  • If you want to remove someone already in the circle, tap the “X” next to their name. (And just in case you’re worried about family friction: the removed person won’t be notified when you remove them. They simply will no longer have access to your circle.)


Image of Task feature within CareEasy app

Your dad needs a hearing appointment. Your mom needs milk. Your grandpa needs his prescription picked up and his lawn mowed. Feeling overwhelmed? The “Tasks” feature on the CareEasy  app lets caregivers schedule and share the tasks related to your loved one’s care.

Why sharing tasks within your circle matters 

Caring for an elderly parent can be rewarding. But it can also be incredibly stressful. Left unchecked, that stress can lead to burnout. That’s why it’s so important for caregivers to get help wherever they can. 

How to create and assign tasks

  • Open the CareEasy caregiving app and click the “+” button on the main screen.
  • Select “Create New Task.”
  • Assign the task to a specific person in your circle.
  • Fill in the task details, including the task title and category, date and time.

Task notifications

Once you’ve created and assigned a task to a member of your circle, they’ll be notified. Once they’ve completed the task, the assignee can check it off in the app by tapping “Mark as Complete.” And, once it’s checked off, the app will notify the task creator. That way, everyone’s kept in the loop.

How to view tasks in the Joint Calendar

  • When you open the CareEasy app, tap “Tasks” at the bottom, left-hand corner of your screen. 
  • Then, tap the calendar icon at the top of the screen, next to the word “Tasks.”
  • The Joint Calendar will appear, and you can tap on any day to see your circle’s jobs, errands and other to-dos.
  • Once you’ve completed a task, you can check it off by tapping “Mark as complete.” 


Image of Expense feature within CareEasy app

Time well spent with an aging relative is priceless. But caring for your aging mom or dad also comes with real — and sometimes significant — expenses. Whether you’re paying for medications, therapy, cabs, nursing care, extra help around the house, or meals for your parents, those costs can add up. CareEasy can help you keep track of and share the expenses of care.

Why sharing expenses matters

Let’s face it: even at the best of times, it can be difficult to talk about — let alone ask for — money. And caregiving can be stressful even before we factor money into the equation. But money is a hugely important part of the caregiving equation, and part of sharing the care is also sharing the costs. 

Of course, every family is different, and each member of your Circle of Care will have their own financial realities. Being upfront and candid about the costs of caregiving and what each member can afford to pay may seem awkward at first, but talking can help prevent larger misunderstandings — and even family rifts — down the line. If you’re having trouble talking about or agreeing on expenses, a mediator or social worker may be able to help you and other family members come to a workable solution.

How to create and allocate expenses

  • Open the CareEasy caregiving app and click the “+” button on the main screen.
  • Select “Add New Expense,” and fill in the blanks to assign the expense to everyone or to a specific person in your circle, and fill in details about where the money has gone.
  • You can also upload photos of receipts — this helps to ensure transparency. It also helps you keep track of all upcoming and past expenses, and overall costs associated with care.
  • You can choose to split the costs equally (for example, three siblings each pay $50 toward a $150 prescription) or to each pay different amounts toward the total cost.
  • As each person contributes their share, you can tap the “Mark As Paid” button to keep track of who owes what.

Expense notifications

CareEasy will notify members of your Circle of Care when they have an expense to pay. And they can notify you when they’ve paid their share of the bill.

How to view upcoming or completed expenses in the Joint Calendar

  • When you open the CareEasy app, tap “Expenses” at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Then, tap the calendar icon at the top of the screen, next to the word “Expenses.”
  • The Joint Calendar will appear, and you can tap on any day to see your circle’s upcoming or completed expenses.

Joint Calendar

Image of Joint Calendar feature within CareEasy app

Through the CareEasy app’s Joint Calendar, your entire Caregiver circle can view upcoming tasks and expenses. You can also see all past tasks and expenses by clicking the “View Completed/Settled” button in the “Tasks” or “Expenses” screens. Circle members will be reminded the day before their task or expense is due.

  • You can view the joint calendar by tapping “Tasks,” “Expenses,” or “Family Notes” on the home screen, and then tapping the calendar icon in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.


Image of Family Notes feature within CareEasy app

CareEasy’s “Notes” feature lets all members of your Circle of Care keep in touch, cheer each other on,  share useful information, and share family photos instantly and privately. 

How to send a family note

  • Open the CareEasy caregiving app and click the “+” button on the main screen.
  • Tap “Post a Family Note,” and then write your message. 
  • Add a picture if you’d like by tapping the camera icon, and then hit “Post.”

Why transparency within your circle is important

As rewarding as caregiving can be, it can also be stressful. Throw in money, family dynamics, and grief around a parent’s decline, and caregiving can be a situation where emotions run high. That’s why it’s important to talk regularly about your caregiving situation, listen respectfully, and be as transparent as possible about feelings, abilities, concerns and stressors. Transparency is key — which is why

everything posted in “Family Notes” is visible to all members of your Circle of Care.

If your family is finding it hard to have these conversations, it might be helpful to engage a neutral third party, like a social worker, counsellor, or mediator to keep the team focused and communicating productively.

Let your CareEasy Circle of Care help you

With the CareEasy app, you can easily share and track errands and expenses that you need help with. When you need support with a task or expense, simply create and assign it to someone within your circle and they will be notified of your request. Your entire circle will be able to see what tasks and expenses still need to be completed or have already been completed, making caregiving as transparent as possible. Simply download the CareEasy app below to begin!

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