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Caregiver Support

Access for Caregivers on the Be Well™ App

At Rexall, we know that caregiving is no simple task, but we can help make it easier. Help manage your loved ones’ medication with access for caregivers on the Be Well ™ app. Caregiver features help make medication management simpler with easy-to-use digital tools that support you with managing the health and wellbeing of everyone in your care, including pets! With the Be Well app™ you can: 

  • Set up patient profiles for everyone in your care* including your pets
  • Easily submit a new prescription with a photo ** or refill a prescription
  • Get notifications when your loved ones’ prescriptions are ready for pick up
  • Access their 3-year prescription history & information on their prescription medications
  • View their 3-year record of vaccinations from Rexall including COVID-19 and Flu vaccines

Getting started is easy.

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Here’s how to set up your Caregiver profile on the Be Well™ app: 

Step 1: Don’t have the Be Well ™ app? Download today and create your profile. 

Step 2: Have your person in care visit or call their Rexall Pharmacy to provide permission to give you access to their medication profile. [1]

Step 3: Open the Be Well ™ app and tap the “Health” tab to view your person in care’s medication profile. [2]

The Be Well ™ app is just one of the many ways Rexall is helping caregivers, each and every day. Visit to learn more.

*To setup person in care profiles on your Be Well app, they will need to grant you permission at their Rexall Pharmacy.

**Rexall pharmacies will start getting your prescription ready; however, we need the original prescription to finish filling it. In addition, in Alberta (AB), Rexall pharmacies are limited to data entry and stock verification to comply with local requirements.

[1] If your person in care is 14 or older and is unable to visit the Rexall Pharmacy, the pharmacy team will need to get in touch with them to obtain consent. For children 13 and under, or to add a pet, you can provide consent in person at your Rexall Pharmacy.

[2] Their profile should appear after they grant you permission at their Rexall Pharmacy. They will need to follow this step for each Rexall Pharmacy that their medications are being processed from.

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