Our most commonly asked questions

How does CareEasy work?

CareEasy is a free app designed to bring family caregivers together on one platform to coordinate caring. Simply download the free app and create an account using your email. Once you have an account, you can create a circle of care and invite family members to participate in the circle.

How do I invite people to my circle?

Once you create a circle, you have the option of inviting other family caregivers through your existing contact list or typing out their email. From here we will contact the invited individual and let them know that you have requested them to join your circle of care with a brief overview of how the app works.

How do I un-invite someone or remove them from my circle?

In the profile page you will see all of your invitees or members. To revoke invites simply hit cancel beside the name of the person you no longer wish to include your circle. To remove someone already in your circle, simply go to your profile screen and select remove from their name. The removed individual will not be notified about this, they simply will not have access to your circle and all of the information when using the app again.

What can my circle help with?

We designed CareEasy to allow families and friends to have full transparency to coordinate care. We recommend you create and track errands and expenses that you need help with. Your circle will be able to see what tasks are needed to be completed or have been completed and the same goes with expenses. You can even assign a task or expense to someone in your circle and they will be notified of your request. This is an easy way to make sure everyone is doing their part of care coordination.

How do I create a task?

Open the app and click on the (+) button in the main screen. Select create a task and choose a person you want to assign the task to. If you do not wish to assign, leave the task open. From here simply fill in the forms and you are all set. Once the task is created, those assigned to the task will be notified. Once a task is completed by the assignee the task creator is notified. You can also view all past tasks and history by clicking the completed task button in the task page.

How do I create and share expenses?

Similar to tasks, follow the same steps to create an expense. Here you can also upload receipts to ensure full transparency of expenses. You can also select the category of what type of expense it is such as personal care. When you request the expense to another member, they will get a notification that they owe you a portion or the full amount of the cost. By doing this CareEasy will help you track all upcoming and incurred expenses amongst the care circle as well as keep track of the share of costs amongst the circle.

How do I share messages?

CareEasy is about full transparency amongst a care circle so we do not allow direct messaging. However we do have a note feature that you can use. Here you can post a simple update or picture that you want the circle to know about and they will all be notified and can respond as well.

Is the information being shared with the circle kept private?

Yes only your immediate care circle can see everything posted within it. You can also be part of other care circles if you are invited or created it, but the content you share within each circle will be kept separate. For more questions about privacy check out our terms and conditions page.