A product made for family caregivers by family caregivers.

1 out of every 4 caregivers say family relationships suffer due to caregiving responsibilities. CareEasy aims to remedy these issues by providing transparency and coordination amongst family members.

Our Story

Looking after an aging loved one, while rewarding, can also be an emotionally exhausting experience. Caregivers want the best for their family and are willing to do whatever they can to keep them content and happy during difficult times. But with all their energy focused on looking after others, caregivers often neglect the fact that they, too, need to be looked after.

Our mission is to help the 8 million family caregivers across Canada take care of their aging loved ones, while also taking care of themselves. We are united in our dedication to create a platform full of resources that help caregivers navigate stress and anxiety, while providing the emotional sustenance they need to be effective and energetic. Invite siblings and other family caregivers to create and coordinate daily tasks so nothing gets missed.